About Us

About Us

Vince Van Patten actor/former tennis pro/ host of world poker tour is a sports enthusiast. He has always going out to smack tennis balls around or hit the beach to throw a frisbee or play a game of paddle in Venice, California.   It was there that he came up with the idea to invent a new game that could be played with a paddle that would be different, fun, and an incredible workout!  The idea grew to form a game/sport that was part tennis, part volleyball, part badminton but better and more exciting than all three combined.  After tinkering for three months PaddleXtreme was officially formed.

PaddleXtreme is like pickle ball on steroids at a fraction of the cost.  It can be set up in minutes and payed anywhere! Unlike Pickleball, it does’t need an expensive concrete court to play. PaddleXtreme can be played anywhere, in your yard, a park, a school, or the beach!


Vince Van Patten – Company President 

Vince’s passion was tennis: he was a natural competitor who invented his own methods and quickly progressed through the junior tournament ranks in Los Angeles. In 1978 his game was so strong that he was offered the starring role in a Paramount film called Players; the part ultimately went to someone else, but the disappointing incident spurred Vince to travel to England to take a shot at Wimbledon. “I spent three months practicing on grass and never won a match!” recalls Van Patten. “On the last day of failing to qualify, players came to the venue and started filming.”


Stung by the episode but still determined to succeed, Vince returned home, kept practicing and competing, and within a year he was ranked among the Top 30 professional players in the world.


In his success he learned the importance of practice, which was a key factor in creating PaddleXtreme.  He wanted a fun easy way to help junior tennis players improve their game and have fun with their friends and family.